AIP IT & Administrative Support
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AIP information technology specialists and administrative support

IT specialists  |  Administrative support

Information technology specialists

Lillian Bachellor

Lillian R. Bacheller

Information Technology Specialist (Operating Systems)
(301) 504-8678

Oversees systems programming for workstations. Responsible for database administration. Responds to specific questions regarding individual edits.

Gary Fok


Gary C. Fok

Information Technology Specialist (Applications Software)
(301) 504-8675

Provides computer programming support. Codes software applications and utilities by using C programming language, SQL for DB2, and SAS on a UNIX workstation.

Frank Ross


Frank A. Ross, Jr.

Information Technology Specialist (Systems Administration)
(301) 504-8663

Manages local area network and personal computers. Manages internet server and applications. Installs and upgrades personal computer hardware and software.

Administrative support

Kim Fletcher-Carroll


Kimberlee (Kim) M. Fletcher-Carroll

Program Support Assistant
(301) 504-8334

Provides administrative support, including in-house and extramural agreements, finance and budget, travel, real property and facility maintenance, manuscripts and correspondence, human resources, and filing. Assists in web site maintenance.

Last Modified: 01/12/2017