AIPL Email Announcements
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AIPL Email Announcements

We have consolidated our email announcement system.

If you previously subscribed to any of our email lists:

  • What's New
  • Evaluations
  • Indexed Lists

you have been subscribed to our new AIPL-MAIL list.

Messages will include:

  • Notification when something new is posted at AIPL's web site. A summary of the new information will be provided in the email, with a link to the complete information.
  • Notification when evaluation related files are available (including the index sorted bull lists) .
  • Notification in the event of problems with or corrections to evaluations.

To subscribe: send an E-Mail to with the subject of subscribe to AIPL-MAIL.

To unsubscribe: send an E-Mail to with the subject of unsubscribe from AIPL-MAIL.

Last Modified: 01/12/2017