3.2 Structure of BESTPRED

There are several C- and Fortran-language files in the BESTPRED distribution. Table 3.2 describes the contents of those files and provides some important usage notes, although not all subroutines and functions are described. If you want to use BESTPRED as a standalone program for reading data from a file of Format 4 records see Section 3.3 for compilation instructions. If you wish to include one or more of the BESTPRED subroutines in one of your programs you'll need to carefully consult Table 3.2 to make sure that you include the necessary components. At a bare minimum you'll need to include the bestpred_parm.f90 and bestpred.f90 files in your project or makefile. If you are not processing Format 4 records then you do not need to include bestpred_fmt4 and its dependencies in your program. You will also need to include the read_parms subroutine (from the file bestpred_parm.f90) in order to load the parameter file.

BESTPRED subroutines and functions File & Subroutine Name & Description

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ageadjs.c & \function{ag...
...ne in your own programs in order to read the parameter file. \\

bestpred_parm.f90 and bestpred.f90 are pure Fortran 90 and you include them in your program as you would any other Fortran 90 file. For example, in the default BESTPRED makefile bestpred_parm.f90 is first compiled to an object file:

bestpred_parm.o: bestpred_parm.f90
  f90 -c bestpred_parm.f90 -O3			\
    -YEXT_NAMES=LCS -s                  \
and then linked into the bestpred executable:3.3
bestpred: bestpred_parm.o ...
  f90 bestpred_main.f90 -o bestpred -O3	\
    ... \
to produce the bestpred executable.

Note that the standalone executable program is named bestpred (*nix) or bestpred.exe (MS Windows). The executable program should not be confused with the bestpred subroutine contained in the file bestpred.f90.


... executable:3.3
This is not a complete version of the makefile directive for the bestpred executable; several statements, indicated by ..., have been omitted for brevity.
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