3.3 Compiling BESTPRED

If you want only to use the bestpred subroutine you need a Fortran 90 compiler. You must have both Fortran 90- and C-language compilers in order to build a standalone (executable) version of BESTPRED, or to use both the bestpred_fmt4 and bestpred subroutines. Sample makefiles are provided with the distribution, including makefile.Absoft (for use with the gcc and Absoft Fortran v10 compilers), makefile.gnu (for use with the gcc and gfortran compilers), and makefile.g95 (for use with the gcc and G95 compilers). To compile BESTPRED, copy the appropriate makefile to a file named makefile and type make:
[jcole@aipl366 bp]$ cp makefile.Absoft makefile
[jcole@aipl366 bp]$ make
Assuming that there are no problems3.4 you should see output that looks something like:
[jcole@aipl366 bp]$ make
f90 -c aipldcr.f90 -O2 \
        -YEXT_NAMES=LCS -s
        -YEXT_SFX=""   \
f90 -c fmt4dcr.f90 -O2   \
        -YEXT_NAMES=LCS -s  \
        -YEXT_SFX=""   \
        ./ageadjs.o         \
f90 maindcr.f90 -o maindcr -O2 \
        -YEXT_NAMES=LCS          \
        -YEXT_SFX=""                  \
        -s -lm -llocal -lU77             \
        ./ageadjs.o                        \
        ./aiplage.o                        \
        ./fmt4dcr.o                        \
[jcole@aipl366 bp]$
If you are using a compiler other than the Absoft or GNU compilers you will need to modify one of the existing makefiles to work with your compiler. In general terms, this involves adding the correct path to the compiler executable and setting compiler flags. You will need to consult your compiler documentation for additional details as a more detailed description of compiler usage is beyond the scope of this document. Makefiles for additional compilers will be gratefully accepted for distribution.


... problems3.4
This could happen, in theory.

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