3.4 User Support, Feature Requests, and Bug Reports

Requests for support should be directed to John Cole (mailto:john.cole@ars.usda.govjohn.cole@ars.usda.gov) or Paul VanRaden (mailto:paul.vanraden@ars.usda.govpaul.vanraden@ars.usda.gov) (301-504-8334). Suggestions for improvements to the software are welcome, but no promise of implementation is made. Any user-suggested features added to BESTPRED will be made available to all users of the programs; proprietary intellectual property will not be accepted for inclusion into BESTPRED.

If you believe that you've discovered a bug please forward a written description of the behavior that's believed to be incorrect, input files that demonstrate the problem, and a thorough description of your computing environment (e.g. operating system and version, compilers and versions, etc.). You should also enable logging and attach a copy of the resulting log file (see Section 5.4 ).

See About this document... for information on suggesting changes.