1. Preface

Cole, J. B., and P. M. VanRaden. 2008. A Manual for Use of BESTPRED: A Program for Estimation of Lactation Yield and Persistency Using Best Prediction.

U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, Animal Improvement Programs Laboratory.

This manual describes how to obtain, install, and run a Fortran 90 program for calculating lactation yields and persistencies using best prediction methodology. Chapters also present the theory underlying best prediction, describe the methodology used to calculate covariances among pairs of days in milk for any combination of traits, and discuss implementation details important to anyone considering modifications to the programs. The purpose is to provide both background material and step-by-step instructions for successful use of the software.

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The authors would like to thank Brad Heins (University of Minnesota) for bug reports and porting assistance.

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