3. Installation

The BESTPRED program is distributed as Fortran 90 and C source code that must be compiled before it can be used. Makefiles are provided for gcc 64-bit 4.2.0/Absoft 64-bit Fortran 95 v10.13.1 on Linux-based operating systems (tested on 64-bit RedHat Enterprise Linux 4). Binary versions of the programs are not available due to the difficulty of supporting the wide array of possible compiler-operating system combinations. Table 3.1 lists operating system-compiler combinations that were tested by AIPL3.2 ("AIPL tested") or reported as working by users ("User tested").

Platforms on which BESTPRED has been tested Operating System & Distribution & C Compiler & Fortran Compiler & Status

Linux & Debian 3.1 & gcc & Absoft 10.1 & User tested \\...
...ws & Windows XP Professional & MinGW/gcc & G95 & AIPL tested \\


... v10.13.1
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... AIPL3.2
Note that Windows XP Professional is the only version of MS Windows approved for use on agency computers, and that AIPL's production environment is currently Linux-based. Reports of successful deployments on Microsoft platforms are particularly welcome.

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