5.2 Parameter File Format

The parameter file is a Fortran NAMELIST that is read from disk when the BESTPRED program is run. Lines beginning with exclamation marks (!) denote comments, which are ignored at run time. The "&bestpred" line opens the NAMELIST and the slash (/) closes it. Option lines are of the form "<option> = <value>". Character and string values must be enclosed in quotation marks. Unlike C and similar languages Fortran 90 does not use end-of-line markers (e.g. semicolons). The following code sample demonstrates the format of the parameter file:
! Comment block
  ! Description of option, including valid values, etc.
  myoption = 'test'

If you are getting strange error messages when you run BESTPRED check BESTPRED.par to make sure that it has valid end-of-line characters. Some editors do not set them correctly, particularly on the last line of the file.

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