5.4 Logging Parameters

A basic logging framework is provided in BESTPRED to assist in isolating and identifying problems. Messages are written to a plain text file in the directory in which the program is run. The logfile can grow very large very quick;y if a large number of records are being processed, so logging is turned off by default. It can be ebabled by setting 'LOGon = 1' in the parameter file. Note that you should enable logging and attach your logfile when reporting errors.
# logfile.20080403.log created on 04/03/2008 at 20080320 by BESTPRED
[09:18:03]: Starting BESTPRED 2.0b7
[09:31:53]: Starting BESTPRED 2.0b7
[09:35:14]: Starting BESTPRED 2.0b7
Logging does not have any effect on calculations pedformed by BESTPRED.

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