7.1.1 Link Failed

A change was made in the default suffix applied to prodecure names between versions 10.0 and 10.1. In the more recent version an underscore (_) is automatically appended to procedure names at compile time causing problems for the linker.
f90 bestpred_main.f90 -o bestpred -O3   \
        -YEXT_NAMES=LCS                         \
        -s -lm -llocal -lU77                    \
        ageadjs.o                                               \
        aiplage.o                                               \
        bestpred_fmt4.o                                 \
        bestpred.o                                              \
/tmp/ZHupkF/bestpred_main.o: In function `MAIN__':
/work5/john/jcole/bestpred/bestpred_main.f90:133: undefined reference to `read_parms_'
/work5/john/jcole/bestpred/bestpred_main.f90:380: undefined reference to `bestpred_fmt4_'
/work5/john/jcole/bestpred/bestpred_main.f90:365: undefined reference to `bestpred_fmt4_'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
link failed.
make: *** [bestpred] Error 1
[jcole@aipl366 bestpred]$
The problem is easily solved by adding the compiler option -YEXT_SFX="" to the makefile for each Fortran program in the makefile.

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