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Dairy Web Sites

National dairy organizations

  • MooMilk  is an educational site sponsored by (a commercial site for dairy farmers).
  • Why Milk  The milk moustache ads are here (among other things).
  • Got Milk?  Fun facts, recipes, and games.
  • Ahh... The Power of Cheese
  • Dairy Good Kid's Page  Dairy Good is a cooperative page sponsored by Australia's major dairy organizations. The page has some educational material and other dairy links. Visit their home page for more good dairy information.
  • Hoard's Dairyman in publication since 1885, the website has a great youth quiz feature in addition to other dairy information.
  • Holstein Foundation provides education, leadership development, and outreach programs serving youth and young adults representing all breeds of dairy cattle. Check out the 'Programs' page for Dairy Bowl information and Dairy Workbooks
    • The Understanding Genetics workbook, available for download from the Holstein Foundation, provides great information to help students understand the principles of genetics as they apply to dairy cattle.
    • The Build Your Knowledge of Sire Summaries workbook, also available for download from the Holstein Foundation, explains how to read and use the genetic evaluations of dairy bulls.

Regional dairy organizations

Banana Cow

Dairy farms with interesting sites

  • Braums of Oklahoma is a total dairy operation, beginning with over 10,000 Holstein cows, and includes processing plants, dairy stores and restaurants
  • Horizon Organic Dairy  is an education center and working dairy near Annapolis, MD.
  • LongMont Dairy Farm  is located outside Denver, CO. They have some dairy games and recipes kids can make with milk.

Dairy processors & companies with kids' pages relating to dairy

  • HP Hood of Massachusetts provides information and games about dairy nutrition.

Other interesting web sites

Also visit

USDA logo Education and Outreach's Youth Resources for youth-geared information related to agriculture

Science for Kids Agricultural Research Service's Science for Kids

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